Spring Break Wines

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a number of customers preparing a week long spring break vacation that involved sandy beaches and tropical weather.  A lot of these costumers are parents looking forward to enjoying some chilled wine while their children build sand castles and chase the waves; or folks who can’t wait to share a bottle of wine with their friends over a delicious sea food dinner.  Either way, I was excited to show our vacationers the 2014 Tintero Rosato and 2014 Brocard Chablis that just arrived.

The Tintero Rosato is a refreshingly dry, crisp rose, from the Piedmont region of Italy, with a slight sparkle.  This frizzante style rose is the perfect wine to drink (out of a glass or cup, the vessel doesn’t matter) on the beach or by the pool.  Also, it might be important to mention that it’s one of those too-good and too-easy-to-drink wines that disappears too-fast.

The Brocard Chablis is, also, crisp and refreshing and perfect for the beach setting.  It is a wonderfully light, mineral Chardonnay from the Chablis village of Burgundy, France.  This wine has lovely flavors of fresh lemon and apple that go perfectly with an array of sea food dishes, whether it be baked fish, raw oysters, seared scallops, or conch fritters.

I was so sure that these were the right vacation wines, that I decided to take them with me to Charleston the other weekend to share with my sister and some girlfriends.  And I was definitely right.  We weren’t expecting any inkling of “tropical weather”, but we got lucky.  All of Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm (75-80 degrees).  Saturday was spent gallivanting about King Street.  In the afternoon, we brought some of the Tintero rose to a new BYOB restaurant called Butcher and Butterfly (it was an excellent choice!).  After walking around downtown all day, we headed to dinner at the Ordinary with the Brocard Chablis in tow.  And you better believe we ordered the sea food tower.  I couldn’t have picked a better wine to enjoy with my oysters, scallops, clams, and crab legs.  Everything was simply delicious.  On Sunday, we brought the additional Tintero Rose with us to Sullivan’s Island.  And yes, if you were wondering, is definitely was the right wine to have on the beach.

You should know, however, that I tried these wines again.  But, I was in my house in Atlanta.  And they were almost as good as when I was drinking them with my best friends in sunny Charleston.  Incredible.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this spring season, whether it be at home, at the beach, or in the mountains!



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