Brunch Bliss

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Easter Sunday with family and friends!  I was so happy it was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with my boyfriend Carl, my family, and my boyfriend’s family.  I was, also, lucky enough to spend it with some good wine in my glass!

Carl and I met my Uncle Ralph, Aunt Ashley, my two cousins and their spouses at the St. Regis for a yummy and unending brunch.  Some of us went right for the omelets, bacon, and waffles; some went for the cheese, charcutterie, and salad bar; some tackled the seafood bar with crab legs and oysters galore.  But, all of us drank the 2014 Trienne Rose and the Laurent-Pierre Brut Cuvee Rose.  Pink wine was the prefect drink for an Easter celebration.

The Trienne Rose was light and crisp, with nice refreshing acid.  I loved with this my oysters, crab legs, and edamame salad.  My cousin said it was a perfect match for her veggie omelet, too.  I had moved on to the tarts and pastries by the time we opened the champagne.  And I was sad about that choice, either.  A bite of the cheese cake went swimmingly with a sip of the Laurent-Pierrel.  The champagne was fresh with minerality and acidity, but still maintained a soft texture.  Pinot Noir grapes are evident in this rose as there is nice touch of fresh red berries (i.e. strawberries, raspberries).  I loved every second of brunch with my family, down to the very last sip!

At the end of brunch, Carl and I left for his uncle’s house.  Carl’s family was preparing more of a late lunch or early dinner (Dunch? Linner?).  They had sweet potato casserole, honey baked ham, salad, and Funfetti cake.  They were passing around some rich Cabernets and Malbecs, but I decided my brunch indulgences were enough for the day.  However, it seemed to be a perfect accompaniment to the ham and potatoes.  We had a blast with Carl’s parents, brother, aunts, uncle, and cousins.  It was a wonderful way to finish out our day: low key and relaxed and surrounded by loved ones.

Needless to say, I was exhausted from all the food and wine by 8:00 that night.  I went to bed Sunday night with a full tummy and big ol’ smile.  It was a great day.

I hope you all had a pleasant Easter celebration!




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