Birthday Wine

I recently turned 25 and had what I would describe as the most perfect birthday anyone could ask for. A big thank you to some of our customers who shared some spectacular wines with me, to my boyfriend who threw me an amazing surprise party, and to Anthony and Patrick who let me pick out a nice bottle of wine. I am incredibly fortunate to have a job I enjoy, to work with pleasant people, and to have such a great boyfriend and group of friends. Now, on to the wine I picked out.

I was in the mood for some white Burgundy, so I picked out a 2012 Lucien Le Moine Puligny-Montrachet La Garenne 1er Cru. I had tried this wine before, but I liked it so much that I decided it deserved revisiting.

Lucien Le Moine is a small, “haute-couture” negociant producer owned and operated by a husband-wife duo, Mounir and Rotem Saouma. They began this project in 1999 with the goal of filling no more than 100 barrels of (only) premier cru and grand cru burgundy. They maintain incredibly high standards for each wine barreled and keep each barrels in a vaulted cellar in Beaune. Rotem and Mounier work very closely with Stephane Chassin, their barrel supplier, to make sure each barrel is perfect for each style of wine. Although they use 100% new oak, the only evidence of oak in their wines is the soft, rounded texture (that happens to be divine).

Puligny-Montrachet is widely considered one of the best white burgundy regions. With beautiful limestone soils and a perfectly cool climate, Puligny-Montrachet contains the most Grand-Cru AOCs than any other village in the Cote de Beaune. Some common descriptors of Chardonnay from Puligny-Montrachet include marzipan, apple, warm butter, lemon tart, toasted almonds, and honey. And I happen to really like these flavors. So I picked a 2012, which was a strong vintage for Burgundy, La Garenne Premier Cru.

This wine was golden in color with a nice richness that was indicative of its young age. After decanting the wine for about 30 – 45 minutes, I poured a glass for our visiting customer and myself. The aromatics and flavors were full of lemon custard, toasted almonds, warm butter, and pie crust. The perfect amount of oak usage provided a soft, round texture without taking away from the purity of the fruit and flavors.

Needless to say, it was an awesome birthday.

I hope you have a great birthday, too!



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