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A Tale of Two Dynamite 1996 Burgundies

These two wines from 1996 wines are gems from Burgundy Producer Robert Ampeau.  Ampeau’s cellars are known for being extremely cold and dark.  The wines evolve at a glacial pace and are beautiful Burgundies that are seldom seen.  I’ve been fortunate enough to taste these two recently as they just arrived here at the store. -white-…

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Regal Rose Champagne: Delamotte’s Rose​


Delamotte is a house that has consistently produced beautiful Champagne ​for decades. The house was founded in 1760 so to say they’ve been around for awhile is no understatement. ​The NV rose is 80% Pinot Noir & 20% Chardonnay that are co-fermented (unusual for Champagne as the process is much more costly to carry out…

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​Beautifully Aged Bordeaux

A pair of ​19​78 Pauillac​ Reds that were ​excellent: the ​The 1978 ​Chateau Pichon-Lalande was silky, elegant and fully mature but with beautiful, ripe fruit, framboise and cedar flavors. The nose and palate were both seductive – Gus​ (my father-in-law)​ and I commented ​on how the wine’s texture was just beyond description. The ​1978 Chateau…

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Welcome to the new pH site and my new Blog.   I’m often asked what I’ve experienced lately in terms of wine, food and related topics. Regularly, clients, friends and relatives ask: “What’s new at the store?”, “What’s coming up that I need to know about?”, “When is your next private tasting?” and so on.…

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