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Borgogno No Name


On Friday, we got to host a Borgogno tasting. The Borgogno winery has been around since 1761, producing some of the first Barolos in Piedmont, Italy. The Barolo di Borgogno was the wine poured during the celebration lunch of Italy’s official unity. Bartolomeo Borgogno established the winery in 1761. Since its inception, the business was passed through the hands…

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atlanta-wine-store-ph-wine-merchant-Vega Sicilia

Sometimes, a few of our pH phriends will come over and share some of their wines with us. This past weekend was a time of ample amount of phriends with an ample amount of more-than-great wines. I was so excited to try these wines that I have yet to try and I made mental notes…

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Blind Tasting Old-World Reds

Last Friday I hosted a blind tasting at pH Wine Merchant.  I chose three old world red wines all under $100.  I picked the 2011 Claud Dugat Bourgogne Rouge, the 2013  Le Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf du Pape, and the 2010 Foradori Granato.  The bottles were passed among experienced palates and wine aficionados; and each wine…

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Spanish Bobal for the Rainy Weekend


This week was particularly gray and uncharacteristically cool for an August weekend in Atlanta.  It was the perfect weekend to drink a comforting red wine and play cards or catch up on your recent television series obsession.  On times such as this, I suggest trying a rich, easy-drinking spanish red such as Bobal.  The pH…

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Celebration Cava


As we get closer to Labor Day and the kids beginning a new school year, sparkling wine seems to be an ideal menu item. Cava is a great wine to buy and share with others during these celebratory times. Cava is a sparkling wine made in Catalonia, Spain from macabeu, parellada, and xarel-lo grapes. The…

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