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New Year’s Wine Resolution

2012 Moric Blaufrankish - ph wine merchant-atlanta-wine-store

So, this year my resolution is to try new and more unique wines.  Working in a store with such an incredible and eclectic selection, it seems to be a shame if I didn’t explore every region and wine we sell.  There have been a number of wines on the shelves that have stood out to me.  My first…

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Home for the holidays…

ph wine merchant-atlanta-wine-store-frances-dad

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This December has been a busy, but wonderful month.  pH Wine Merchant opened their second store Corks & Caps to sell beer and liquor in addition to wine.  With that, came two new employees that jumped right into the madness of the new store AND holiday season.  They have both been awesome additions to…

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Roth for the Holiday Season

Roth Pinot-ph-wine-merchant-atlanta-wine-shop

This past week my roommate and I have been getting into the holiday spirit.  We got a Christmas wreath, tree, lights, and other decor.  We’ve had Christmas music playing throughout our house and we’ve already watched Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Elf, and Love Actually.  While we decorate, watch Christmas movies,…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers


Well, Thanksgiving is over and the weekend has come and gone.  But, the food has not.  There are still plenty of leftovers to be enjoyed.  With a fridge full of stuffing, wild rice, collard greens, and turkey, I see different variations of sandwiches and soups in my future.  And what do I want to drink with my left overs?  A…

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Radiccl Reds for Rain (And for the Rest of the Season)


There’s something about a cold, rainy night that makes a glass of red wine almost necessary.  Plus, I’ve been craving chili and nothing pairs better with chili than a good Syrah, or Cabernet.  And this is why I was thrilled when the Radiccl wines were delivered this past Friday.  We just picked up Roy Dornfeld’s…

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