​Beautifully Aged Bordeaux

A pair of ​19​78 Pauillac​ Reds that were ​excellent: the ​The 1978 ​Chateau Pichon-Lalande was silky, elegant and fully mature but with beautiful, ripe fruit, framboise and cedar flavors. The nose and palate were both seductive – Gus​ (my father-in-law)​ and I commented ​on how the wine’s texture was just beyond description.

The ​1978 Chateau ​Grand​-​Puy​-​Lacoste was spicier (in a cracked black pepper way) on the nose with loads of darker fruits and graphite on the palate with the ethereal texture that only age brings. The long, fruit-driven finish still showed a little tannin & acidity. This was the more ‘majestic’ wine of the two- more classic and textbook Pauillac.

I dug these out of my father in law’s basement​​​ on July 5th. We were hoping one of the two would ​still ​be good​; they both were better than good. We had the Pichon-Lalande on its own. We decanted the Grand Puy Lacoste and had it with dinner.​

I hope you and yours had a great weekend.​